BACHI BURGER Tasty and Not-So-Tasty Snaps

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Before we leave Bachi Burger for good…and we mean for good, we thought we’d share some tasty, and not-so-tasty snaps of our second meal there.

As we said in the review, the chili chicken and kalbi burger were great. (We forgot to mention how good our fries were as well.) But once you get into the other “Asian” sandwiches, you might as well bring a bucket of water and a cardiologist.

‘Nuff said. We’re going to go back to eating good (we hope), overpriced Strip food for a while…and concentrate on being the high-brow, elitist, condescending, imperious, omnipresent and omniscient food critic for which we are known.

6 thoughts on “BACHI BURGER Tasty and Not-So-Tasty Snaps

  1. I really like this restaurant. I think the food is really good the concept is well thought out unlike most other places.

  2. Is this a review of Bachi Burger, or a commentary on your opinion of places that Max loves?

  3. I had the Bahn Mi burger a few weeks ago and given the choice I’d take it over the Kobe Burger at Burger Bar.

    Meat was perfect, so was the bun, and just the right amount of condiments.
    I can’t see how you don’t like this place and I usually agree with you

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