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Returning to Bachi Burger was something we did with more than a bit of trepidation.

Keeping an open mind was paramount, as in: it was important leave our past opinions behind, and neither try to justify them or bend over backwards trying to make amends…since we seem to be the only critic in town who has ever uttered a negative word about it.

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BACHI BURGER Tasty and Not-So-Tasty Snaps

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Before we leave Bachi Burger for good…and we mean for good, we thought we’d share some tasty, and not-so-tasty snaps of our second meal there.

As we said in the review, the chili chicken and kalbi burger were great. (We forgot to mention how good our fries were as well.) But once you get into the other “Asian” sandwiches, you might as well bring a bucket of water and a cardiologist.

‘Nuff said. We’re going to go back to eating good (we hope), overpriced Strip food for a while…and concentrate on being the high-brow, elitist, condescending, imperious, omnipresent and omniscient food critic for which we are known.

BACHI BURGER Doesn’t Cut the Kim Chee

Despite the hype, and an Asian spin on an American classic, Bachi Burger falls short

John Curtas

Wed, Jun 30, 2010 (4:10 p.m.)


Bachi Burger’s Kalbi Burger

Photo: Beverly Poppe

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