THE BEAT – Sandwiches That Can’t Be…

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We’ve only had six things to eat at The Beat: the cold brisket sandwich, a toasty warm croque monsieur, two muffin tops, a croissant and a pain au chocolate. We’ve also had two cups of coffee there and can definitively call them the two best cups of coffee we’ve had in years.

That coffee is from Colorado River Coffee Roasters, and is mellow and rich and smooth and satisfying in a way Starbuck’s (and the sheep who continue to patronize it*) can only dream of. One sip and we decided to start drinking coffee again (after a ten year haitus from coffee drinking….).

The sandwiches are from Andy Knudson. Or from heaven, depending on how you feel about these things.

One of the reasons they’re so good is because the sandwich bread is from Bon Breads Baking Co. — the best (wholesale) boutique bakery in town. The same bakery that supplies restaurants from Spago to Le Cirque to Vintner Grill to The Flame. You can’t have a great sandwich without great bread and Knudson — a veteran of Daniel in New York, Daniel Boulud Brasserie in Wynn, and Guy Savoy — knows such infrastructure is essential to good eating.

Before we met Knudson, we knew something was up with the sandwich maker here, because no one makes a croque monsieur this good without having some serious chops. One bite had us asking: “Where does the bechamel come from?” — in a tone dripping with suspicious investigatory interest…

Owner Jennifer Cornthwaite answered: “Andy makes it from scratch.”

“Who’s Andy?” we asked.

“Oh, he’s just a guy who worked at Daniel in New York, DB Brasserie in Vegas, and Guy Savoy before coming to us,” she stated nonchalantly.

“WTF!” we thought to ourselves. “Having a guy with that resume making sandwiches is like asking Claes Oldenburg to build a treehouse.”

But there he is, everyday, making the best sandwiches in town right now.


On Fremont Street.

Right next to the El Cortez.

For $7.

Go f*cking figure.


520 Fremont Street

Las Vegas, NV 89101



* ELV has, on occasion, been one of those sheep. But only under duress.

5 thoughts on “THE BEAT – Sandwiches That Can’t Be…

  1. Hear, hear. I could not agree more. I have had the brisket sanny, and the croque monsier—both are tres bien. Jennifer and Michael have another winner….

  2. Great sandwich Brisket was delicious. And place has a nice feel to it. I have been back twice and each time could not be happier

  3. Finally tried The Beat, wished that I had not waited so long. Great brisket sandwich. Will try croque monsier next.

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