SINATRA Desserts – Ole Blue Eyes Would Approve

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We don’t know Kevin Caldwell, and since his name is “Kevin,”  we doubt if we’re going to develop a crush on him for his pastry and dessert talents, as ELV has been known to do.

But we do love his work at Sinatra, and think the desserts are one of many reasons to take a meal here. (The others will be outlined by us in the next issue of Vegas Magazine, so we’ll keep you in suspense for now.)

We are big fans of his cappello (a cute little white chocolate fedora), his panna cottas, and the ciocclato (a Valrhona molten chocolate cake).  In a town full of molten chocolate cakes, his may be the best around.

As for those panna cottas (vanilla and pistachio), as we’ve noted in the past (and as was told to us by an old Italian years ago), a good panna cotta should have the consistency of a woman’s breast — not too firm and not too soft.

And Kevin’s do.

Bravo Kevin!

For making the breast panna cotta in town.

Okay, okay. ELV has milked this area long enough. He’s been acting like a real boob.

So he’ll torpedo the jokes for now bra, because he’s not quite sure how to express this, but he needs to nip these pendulous puns in the bud.

And lift and separate his humor a tit.

Yours two-ly,


2 thoughts on “SINATRA Desserts – Ole Blue Eyes Would Approve

  1. The Anita Ekberg reference has created a sly afternoon smile that makes for a nice breeze on a brutally hot Las Vegas day. Of course, both the writer of the reference, and the admirer, indicate birth certificates that are fading around the corners by such acknowledgments…

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