In Case You Missed It – Wine Talk on KNPR

Click here for the link to “Wine Talk” on KNPR a couple of Fridays ago, wherein Max and John grill, kebab, fillet, carve, and incise John Mathew Smith of Wirtz Beverage Company and Jeff Wyatt of Marche Bacchus about the current state of our wine world.

Actually, most of what we do is chew the fat over:

* What’s happening in the world of wine?

* Has France lost its dominance?

* How have currency fluctuations affected what we’re buying and drinking?

* How do wholesalers and retailers react to such recessionary times?

* What new world wines are hot?

* What has the Asian economic boom done to wine prices? and, ELV’s favorite topic:

* Why are wine prices so friggin’ high on the Las Vegas Strip?

But strangely, no one thought to bring any fermented juice with which to wash all this erudition down.

We at ELV are obviously losing our edge.

1 thought on “In Case You Missed It – Wine Talk on KNPR

  1. Good show. Kudos for pushing the wine prices issue. The excuses didn’t cut it. Sure restaurants are looking to sell wines under $ 100, but they cost $25 to buy.

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