Newscasters Gone Wild!

It all started innocently enough with ELV and his staff:

…seeking to squeeze a little art ed-gee-kae-shun into their pre-prandial booze routine:

But such thoughts lasted as long as an ELV vow of celibacy…especially after we dropped into Beso, and the champagne started flowing:

So ELV looked around the room:

…and noticed the gals taking secret snaps of a faded fifty-something at the bar who thought flashing butt-cleavage was in order for women of a certain age:

So being the responsible one, he thought some food was in order:

…but that didn’t help matters much (as the steak and mac ‘n cheese weren’t exactly top drawer) so we suggested heading to a different venue. But before you could say “Eva Longoria-Parker,” the gals had taken over the dance floor at Eve:

…which just made us thirstier.

So we headed to a brasserie:

Run by a guy named Puck, where intrepid, KLAS TV reporter Calvert “Don’t Mention My Cleavage” Collins began interrogating WP Executive Chef John LaGrone, in her best Columbia School of Journalism manner:

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, a cadre of cocktails were being created at Brasserie Puck‘s swanky bar:

…by mixology masters Gene Hetzel and Brandi Hackett:

…and some tasty food was served:

But, by this time, this group was about as interested in eating as it was in discussing the Smoot-Hawley Act of 1933.

Throughout, Emmy-Award winning Denise Valdez of Channel 8 news acted as the group’s one and only mature adult:

Gene continued to pour and instruct:

…and ELV had his usual:

Denise took tasty snaps of everything in sight:

…but in all the hubbub and hooch, everyone forgot it was The Food GalĀ®’s birthday:

Chefs soon got into the act:

….and someone had to remind Calvert she wasn’t in the Tri-Delt house anymore:

Before long, ELV was practicing his white man overbite with CC and Eric “Disco Boy” Villareale:

…which means he had about this much to drink:

…and it was time to call it a night:

…and take a designated driver home (which everyone did).

Gam bei!

The end.


In Crystals at Aria (a title that tells you nothing)

3720 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


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  1. Poor Calvert Collins. Is this why I didn’t see her on Channel 8 this AM? ;-)

    Otherwise, it’s nice to see that The Food Gal had a happy b-day.

    Oh, and I guess my suspicions on Beso were confirmed. Sigh, another hot mess from Todd English…

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