Rainy Afternoon at MON AMI GABI

On a recent rainy day, ELV decided to while away his time on the almost-never-empty patio of Mon Ami Gabi, with a bottle of Alsatian white wine, some onion soup, a plate of steak frites, and a little chickadee who adopted us because of our penchant for scattering crumbs as we eat.

There are a lot worse ways to spend an afternoon in our humble burg, and rain or not, the food and the people watching was as superb as always.

Just thought you’d like to know.

11 thoughts on “Rainy Afternoon at MON AMI GABI

  1. YUM! I need to get back to Mon Ami Gabi soon. Hopefully with the sunnier, warmer weather, lunch on the patio will be even more enjoyable. :-)

  2. Great place for breakfast. Ate there twice back in December when I was staying at Paris. Even with temps in the 40s, they do a real nice job keeping you warm with those heaters.

  3. jsmeeker-

    Oh yes, that’s right! Mon Ami Gabi IS open for breakfast… I just have to wake up early some Saturday and hit The Strip to try it. If their breakfasts are as good as their dinners, I think I’ll be quite happy.

    And btw, isn’t it weird how things work? LEY’s other Gabino Satelino Chicago import, Cafe Ba Ba Reeba, is closing tonight… For good… To be replaced by a new Mexican restaurant. (Oh gawd, I just hope this one actually serves comida con sabor!) But for some reason, this place has always been a hit and I don’t see LEY or Harrah’s wanting to close this any time soon.

    Now perhaps las turistas just can’t handle the concept of Spanish tapas (although for some reason, both Fireflys are bona fide hits), but can handle a French bistro. Las Vegas, we’re such an odd town.

  4. Speaking of breakfast, are there any really top notch breakfast joints in town ?. Aside of course from the Verandah, Bouchon, MoZen etc, . What I really want is a place that serves organic eggs cooked in real butter and does breakfasts with a Mexican twist too. Further, ones that serve pancakes and such with real butter and maple syrup and not some chemical composition that the server tries to convince you is real butter and etc because they don’t even know the difference. I discovered this to be the case at those Eggworks, Eggand&I places. Maybe even some artisanal chorizo and not the junk from US Foods that seems to be everywhere. You all know what I’m talking about . Kind of like those small places that are all over Los Angeles that you have to wait 2 hour to get into. ELV, do you have any ideas?

  5. george-

    Will you be here for the weekend? If so, you’re in luck… Border Grill is now doing brunch!


    IMHO, they’re one of the VERY few excellent comida mexicana joints in town. In fact, I intend to hit Border Grill soon just to taste for myself what this weekend brunch is all about. I’ve been here for dinner, and all the food I’ve tried so far is muy delicioso. :-)

  6. Atdleft,

    I went and checked out the breakfast at Border Grill on Sunday and the brunch menu is not available anymore. There was a Brisket chilaquiles and a “Breakfast Mexicana” available as additions to the lunch menu. . I had the Breakfast Mexicana which was a modified Huevos Rancheros. I thought it was quite good and look forward to returning. The overall menu looked good as well.

  7. george-

    Oh, jeez… Well, thanks for the heads-up. It’s too bad they’re giving up on brunch so soon, but I think I’ll still head over for lunch or dinner some time soon as I’m in need of good comida mexicana to help me “regain my mojo”.

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