MUNDO – First Look

It’s hard to find, engulfed by the massive, impersonal, forbidding, monolithic and almost-always-empty buildings that surround it, and probably a tad expensive for the (hoped for) clientele. But there’s no doubt that the retro-hip, old-world-meets-new Mundo is a breath of fresh air to the moribund downtown dining scene.

One brief meal does not a review make, but we will tell you we loved the veggie quesadilla, liked the tortilla soup, and would sell a piece of our soul for another bite of the fabulous flan.

The ancho-chipotle sauce that came with the braised short rib enchiladas wasn’t quite up to the Border Grill gold standard, but if you like your spiced beef cooked to a baby food mush, you’ll find this version more than acceptable.

Wash it down with a couple of super sangrias, and you have a $100 dinner for two (although there were three of us).

Be advised, you will be scratching your head when trying to find the right parking lot among the land of the giants buildings of the World Market Center; then expect slight exasperation (and awe) as you enter these colossal edifices. But once you do locate this little slice of Mexican hipster heaven (ground floor on your left), you’ll be glad you did.


In the World Market Center

495 S. Grand Central Parkway

Las Vegas, NV 89101


10 thoughts on “MUNDO – First Look

  1. Rarely has a place off the strip created a better first impression (perhaps not since Raku). And also second and third impressions already. This is Robert Solano in the kitchen, formerly of La Madonna, and there are some wonderful Yucatecan influences in his cooking (he is from Merida) that are not found nearly enough in North America. Think “sunshine” in each bite, with a lot of citrus, much less reliance on starch, and the use of habaneros in addition to the various chile’s. The fingers are crossed that they can make a go of it at this location, which will provide plenty of lunch traffic, but can be a ghost town at night (accordingly, they are closed on Sunday’s).

    Not too difficult to find, however – take Grand Central to the north end of the World Market Center, and turn left into the last lot. You can either valet right in front of the restaurant (on your left at that point), or pull into a big lot at the right and stroll a few feet.

  2. Great food – Roberto Solano was a success at La Madonna, and he is continues to be a success at Mundo…menu is oustanding…Chilean Sea Bass is one of the best items, although all are good…sangria is fantastic…when weather gets warmer, watch out…this place will be jumping…many thanks

  3. I can’t wait to try this place next time I’m Downtown! It’s been a little while since I last had some good comida mexicana. :-)

  4. Come on people …. The menu is boring and features the same crap as a dozen other “Mexican Fine Dinning Spots ” in town.
    Larry predicts a 7 month shelf life on this joint.

  5. Larry, it may sound like the same old stuff but wait until you try it!! Not all Mexican food is created equal. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!!

  6. Some of the comments are so obviously “plants” good to see whoever does their marketing is aware enough to keep up with the web chatter. I have heard good things from friends and plan on trying it real soon. At first look the the apps seem pricey for Mexican (the mains seem reasonable, if its upscale). We’re probably going to try it in the next few weeks so we’ll give an unbiased opinion.

  7. This place really is “that good” I’ve been there a few times now for both lunch and dinner. Had some “street tacos” that were off the chain. The pulled whatever (shortrib?) tamale was wow… the filet, unreal. The location sucks, but wow, I do find myself at times with my mouth watering thinking about the food from here. I don’t know how they do it, but OMG… seriously… this place is worth the trip at least once.

  8. Agree with Mark; bravo for Mundo. Had perfect carnitas at last night. But the best thing I ate was the freakin’ amazing corn! Charred, creamy and lime-y…..Irma would not divulge the recipe, however.

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