Four Things at FIREFLY

No one’s been harder on the tapas at Firefly (both locations) than we at ELV.

But we snuck in last week (unannounced and unrecognized), ordered four small plates, had a few glasses of tempranillo (the first glass was corked, but our server was more than accommodating when we pointed it out to him), and by crackey the vittles were darn tasty!

There ain’t nuthin’ subtle or refined about what they cook here (and most of the dishes could gain by subtraction of at least one ingredient), but we’ve decided if you “manage your expectations” (James Reza’s words), you can have some good stuff in a very cool atmosphere overlooking the low-rent, tourist travesty that is Fremont Street.

And somehow, from this glass-enclosed rotunda, with all of those bright lights shining in, things didn’t look so bleak.

Either on the plate or on the street.

Our meal of four small plates and four glasses of wine came to $83 + $17 tip = $100.


In the Union Plaza Hotel and Casino

1 South Main Street

Las Vegas, NV 89101


4 thoughts on “Four Things at FIREFLY

  1. And somehow, from this glass-enclosed rotunda, with all of those bright lights shining in, things didn’t look so bleak.

    Way to turn a phrase ELV!

  2. See, Mr. ELV? The manchego mac & cheese really is addictive! Take a closer look, and see how Firefly Downtown really isn’t all that bad.

  3. Nice to see that you gave it another shot, guys. Fittingly, you picked four dishes I frequently order; I also enjoy the spinach salad and the dates. In the spirit of fairness, I’ll tell you something I don’t like about the Downtown Firefly: the echo/noise in the dome, particularly when it is sparsely seated, drives me crazy. Thus, I always choose to sit in the lounge or directly at the bar.

  4. Last night will be my last ever night eating at Firefly restataurants. Its not that the food was bad (the Pulpo asada was a fishing grilled mess this time, unfortunate). I enjoy firefly, its atmoshpere and good yet affordable winelist, usally choosing from one of their granachas.

    My wife and I are not going there anymore because the hosted made it sure to remind us that we have only 90 minutes to dine because of the tables future occupation. So we had our time starting at 6:49, watched the clock a few time, polished a bottle of wine and rushed out, yes rushed out at 8:09.

    So I said to the wife, thats the last time I’m going there. I dont want to have anything to make me aware of time when dining, eating, enjoying life. Yeah I only spend 600 bucks yearly at firefly. This is practically the same reason I stopped going to I love sushi on Eastern and we used to go there once a week.
    Go on a busy night a 6:30 before the rush and 30 minutes into your dinning the owner and the waitresses are hovering around your table like wasps.

    See the thing is this and its true for all restaurant guests – If I want to talk, drink and eat for 240 minutes, restauranteurs you should have no problem regardless of a future reservation. Figure it out, its not my problem and if it is, dont seat me.

    So local restauranteurs, keep your table real estate, I can cook at home. Your bullshit is bullshit. Before you know it, Im going to start dining on the strip more because they’re figuring it out.

    In firefly’s case – when over on Paradise I will go to Mimmos joint, Nobu or Origin India. So to let you know, options are avaiable and this is just a canary in the coal mine and soon firefly all that will be left is cultural-less UNLV students and wandering business travelers occupying your 90 minute tables, not buying wine and not tipping your servers 30%.

    Train your hostess different or get a whole new business philosophy. Regardless of the latin female sex appeal, there are no soft blows to reminding a guest of their limited time to dine from a hostess whoms salary will be covered after my tab is paid.

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