5 thoughts on “BAR MASA Correction: It’s Really an Intimate, Cozy Bistro!

  1. Well, at least that’s not 418 seats. Still, even 182 may be too high. We’ll see. Anyone been in Aria lately to see how many peeps are hanging at Bar Masa?

  2. We thought the place was only half full at 418 seats, but it turns out it’s only half full at 182 seats. They’re doing even worse than we thought.

  3. The problem with bar masa is that there is no spirit of the chef/owner is like Guy Savoy making a MEGA RESTAURANT this kind of restaurant should be exclusive. I think they should change the name for SUSHI ARIA lol!

  4. Is it just me or is Aria and City Center deserted? i was there for three days last week and it was a ghost town. Also the whole complex looks like an airport.

  5. With the numerous bad reviews on Yelp and the ridiculous prices – I do not see how this place can stay in business. The same goes for any establishment in CityCenter that has high prices that do not match the quality of the food and service.

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