Hungry for a good pastrami sandwich? Smokey, peppery, moist, tender, hand-cut and addictively delicious?

Then we suggest you skip this place.

But if you love dry, tasteless, commercial meat, sickeningly sweet slaw, and gummy, pasty, microwaved knishes….boy do we have a place for you!

It’s called Tommy Pastrami, and it is to a true New York delicatessen what a loaf of Wonder Bread is to a French baguette.

Normally we at ELV don’t pick on the little guy(s), but this place is a chain, so the gloves are off.

Antiseptic in appearance, staffed with boredom and cooked with all the aplomb of a 7-11 burrito, this is the kind of sandwich meat that can only sell by catering to those who don’t know any different, nor demand any better.*

Which is why it’s located next to the Henderson Auto Mall.

‘Nuff said.


193 North Gibson Road

Henderson, NV 89014-6799



* Of course, Slapsie Maxsie Jacobson disagrees with us (sort of), as you can read here. After trying out this tepid stuff for ourselves, we suggested to him that he resign from the tribe and change his last name to McGillicuddy.

3 thoughts on “TOMMY PASTRAMI

  1. That meat looks more like ham than pastrami. And they should be embarassed serving cole slaw that looks like that. It is supposed to be cole slaw, right?

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