There are many things to love about Lindo Michoacan. Unfortunately most of the food isn’t among them.

Festive, friendly and fun, there’s no better place is town for a gringo to celebrate a birthday over some cervezas, tequila and tacos.

And that’s exactly what’s wrong with this place. It’s too gringo-friendly.

Some of the food tastes straight from a can (like the wallpaper-paste-like bean dip — that doubles as the refried beans on the platos familiar), and much of the huge menu seems calculated to provide variety over quality…with offerings that always sound better than they taste.

Like our recent lunch of cochinitas revolcada. Chunks of pork supposedly served in three salsas….but not tasting distinctively of even one of them.

Our menu disappointments have been many over the years, but we return for the tongue dishes (‘cuz a man can never get enough tongue), and for the beautiful birria de chiva (goat stew).

And the fresh tortillas are irresistible unto themselves, and something to console yourself with while you’re watching everyone ohh and ahhh over by-the-numbers food that can’t hold a candle to Los Molcajetes or Los Antojos.

Which makes LM the Vegas equivalent of Pascal’s in “Big Night” — wildly popular, but (mostly) unconcerned with anything but pleasing as many customers as possible.


2655 East Desert Inn Road

Las Vegas, NV


4 thoughts on “LINDO MICHOACAN Redux

  1. We went there recently, and I totally agree. Good service, fun atmosphere, but, um, the food was eh. Which sucks, because it’s less than a mile from my house and would otherwise be a great regular option.

  2. Where are you reviews of the east side Mexican restaurants? I know this town has to have at least one restaurant somewhere comparable to Phoenix’s greats.

  3. PJ-

    I dunno. If you order right (meaning don’t load up too much on the pedestrian comida), the food is pretty good. However, I understand how you may be frustrated by all that boring stuff on the menu.

    Moi? I’m just glad to see a nice family-owned Mexican restaurant that offers enough vegetarian creations to keep me well fed. :-)


    Unfortunately, we’re cursed in Las Vegas. For being a Southwest town, we don’t have very many truly good Mexican restaurants… Certainly not as many as Phoenix or Tucson! If you’re looking for a wonderful neighborhood outlet for comida muy buena, follow Mr. ELV’s advice and try Los Molcajetes. And if you want a place that will really impress, so far the best I’ve found is Border Grill at Mandalay Bay. (I haven’t yet done Diego at MGM or Taqueria Canonita at The Venetian, but all the other Strip joints I’ve tried have been WAY OVERPRICED for really underwhelming food.)

  4. You have to try a new small place that recently opened called El Picante mexican restaurant on Silverado Ranch and Bermuda. Great food at very affordable prices.

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