KABOB PALACE – Skip the Kabobs

Before Eating Las Vegas embarks on his two week eating tour of City Center (accompanied by the fabulous fotos and witty-yet-erudite prose for which he is known), he and his staff thought they should concentrate on a few more pedestrian eateries.

And by “concentrate” he means high- and low-lighting the recent dishes he has been eating all over town…off The Strip.

And Kabob Palace is a perfect place to start this little mini-odyssey of neighborhood eats, because it’s a place he would love to love, but unfortunately can’t.

Why you ask?

Because on two occasions, he’s found the kabobs (at Kabob Palace) to be under-seasoned and overcooked.

But that won’t keep him from highly recommending the Afghan aashak (steamed meat dumplings) topped with ground beef), or the superior hummus and baba ganoush they serve here. Or the fabulous, spicy, cilantro-parsley-mint chutney that demands to slathered on virtually every savory thing that comes out of this kitchen.

He can tell you though, that the mantu dumplings and various vegetarian, Afghanistan stews we’ve tried at the buffet here have been stupendous, and based upon our experience, the all-you-can-eat, $10 lunch buffet shows this place off to its best effect.

Just be sure to skip the kabobs…which are none too palatial.


4811 South Rainbow Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89103-43-89


2 thoughts on “KABOB PALACE – Skip the Kabobs

  1. OK, then. I’ll skip the kabobs. Besides, those stews sound far more interesting! It’s pretty far from me, but since it’s so hard to find good Afghan food anywhere west of The Atlantic, I’ll have to get out of my “comfort zone” some time and try Kabob Palace (just not the kabobs there).

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. Disagree wholeheartedly with the kabob assessment. First visit tonight: the hummus was good, but underseasoned. It benefited greatly by the addition of the wonderful cilantro-mint-JALAPENO chutney. The kabobs, on the other hand, were terrific. The chicken was juicy and very well seasoned, and the filet was tender and tasty. Different strokes, I guess…

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