Trying Tenderness (with a dose of humility) in Vegas

Once again, Eating Las Vegas has beaten the New York Times to the punch.

In case you missed it, or don’t subscribe to the Times, click here to read today’s article on Pierre Gagnaire’s opening in Vegas.

And click here to read ELV’s original, exclusive interview with PG in John Mariani’s blog: The Virtual Gourmet, published this past Saturday.

Point of pride: ELV thinks he may have been the first American food writer to obtain an interview with Gagnaire, and even if he wasn’t, it was a good get, as they say in the p.r. biz.

Cutting edge, investigative, up to date, always on top and never in doubt*….yup, that’s ELV!


* Yup, we’ve been taking lessons from Charlie “Mr. Humility” Trotter.

3 thoughts on “Trying Tenderness (with a dose of humility) in Vegas

  1. hats off ELV, you were on top of that one, but one would hope someone 2 miles rather than 2500 miles would have the scoop first.

  2. And btw, why is it that neither The Sun nor The R-J could get an interview with Pierre Gagnaire? But The R-J can run a big pointless story on the new Hard Rock Cafe? Cheese louise, this just reinforces all the negative stereotypes of our shouldn’t-be-so-humble burg.

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