The List

A list, in order of excellence, of the places at which we’ve eaten in the past week (without commentary):



David Burke

Mon Ami Gabi


Marche Bacchus


Ocha Thai

Krung Thai

Lagasse Stadium

Emeril’s Fish House



4 thoughts on “The List

  1. Burke moved up pretty far in your estimation by my estimation of your estimation. Good, I thought the food was well executed, if not all that inspired, on my one visit. Maybe it’s time for a return.

  2. I can’t wait for your reviews! I’m in Real Housewives Land for Tofurky Day… And yes, I’m actually planning on a Thanksgiving menu this year with NO Tofurky, NO green bean casserole, and NO lame@ss store-bought pumpkin pie. Wish me luck! :-D

    But anyway, I want to surprise my dad with a special night out when he comes back to Vegas with me. Some of the places you just visited are being considered by moi, so I’ll be looking for Mr. ELV’s expert guidance on where to go with Pops.

  3. Went to Bartolotta for the anniversary with the Wify this month. I ordered the ‘Top Chef tasting menu’ (like, from the show)….MAN THAT MEAL WAS OFF THE HOOK!!!!

    Expensive, yes. But to be honest, I’ve been to other pricy places and the food sucked requiring the token pit stop at Del Taco on the way home. This was not the case at Bartolotta, where the namesake chef was actually there unlike other celebrity cook eateries. Well worth the money this time. Should have been #1 on the list Cuz!

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