We don’t know whether the Omelet House was founded in 1978 or 1979 (there seems to be some confusion on the point).

Other things we don’t know:

> How a perfectly formed omelet can look puffy and taste tough.*

> Why our swiss cheese omelet was none too cheesy.

> How the home fries can be crispy and light one time (almost potato chip-like), and greasy, thick and soggy the next.

> Why the banana bread here is really a large, square slab of cake (and a quite tasty one at that).

> How the kitchen here can turn out our town’s best corned beef hash, and make it look like an unsightly mess on the plate.

> Why anyone would order a grilled chicken salad at a place called the Omelet House (as our recent dining companion did).

> Whether the Isaacson-Tarbell Postulate** is truly the best predictor of the corporeal outcomes relating to the laws of particle physics collisions of this sort.

OMELET HOUSE (Founded in either 1978 or 1979!)

2160 West Charleston Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89102



* Answer: Use of those half-moon shaped omelet pans, and baking powder in the egg mix.

** The Isaacson-Tarbell Postulate, as postulated by Tuesday Morning Quarterback, posits that in all NFL football contests, there is a much greater probability than not, that, on any given Sunday, the home team will win. So far, the empirical data have borne this out to be both true, and take-it-to-the-bank-able.

9 thoughts on “OMELET HOUSE Redux

  1. uuuuuhhhhhhhhhh really????? four seasons ——- omelet house

    how can a sane person compare the two, they are not the same level

  2. clue-

    Correct. They’re clearly not. However, there’s probably a good possibility the hash is quite good and better than the usual stuff offered at that price point. That’s why I still want to give them a fair shot when I visit either their Henderson location or the one at The Plaza Downtown.

  3. oh come on JC not everything I say is negative. i have agreed with you on some other things

    atdleft—– i do beleive they were comparing the two, saying the hash is better at the verandah!!! but I am the first person to relate the quality of the food to the price of which I am paying, perceived vaule is key!!

  4. I had to laugh at “Omelette House Redux.” Yes, the ‘nananut bread is delicious. As for the Isaacson-Tarbell Postulate, it has revolutionized my betting results at the sports books. BTW, last time I was at the Omelette House (off Rancho), I happened to be needing something for a “peace offering” to my wife, Loretta. Eureka! I saw just the thing in a display case: a cookie jar in the form of a bust of her idol, John Wayne.

    Although off-topic, here’s a food story from my distant past. By the time I was a high school senior, I imagined myself to be a young sophisticate. Anxious to impress a rather hot date, I took her to a fancy Dallas restaurant, where I confidently ordered steak tartare for myself. I knowingly advised my date that it was considered a delicacy in Europe (the totality of my expertise on the subject). Little did I know that steak tartare was the tatars’ version of sushimi. I couldn’t touch the meat, but the egg did end up on my face.

  5. I eat breakfast at The Verandah once a week. Only place in town that can cook scrambled eggs perfectly: the curd to custard ratio is always flawless. However, their Buttermilk pancakes are my favorite anywhere.

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