Summer Dish Review – Squash Blossom Omelette at PUBLICUS

Apotheosis: a·poth·e·o·sis



noun: apotheosis; plural noun: apotheoses


the highest point in the development of something; culmination or climax.

“his appearance as Hamlet was the apotheosis of his career”

the elevation of someone to divine status; deification.

In other words, what Chef Shawn Giordano does with a flat omelette at PublicUs — basting it in butter and festooning it with onion jam and squash blossoms.

It is the exaltation of the egg, if you will; the glorification of all that is fresh, silky, sensual, savory and sweet about a summer solstice or sunny sustenance.

It’s also the best goddamned egg dish we’ve had in a coon’s age.


Squash Blossom Summer Fun

imageIf you like seasonal eating — and let’s face it who doesn’t? — then squash blossoms should be on your radar about now.

Yes, squash blossoms, those vivid yellow flower buds from whence the tender gourd emerges.

What are they, exactly? Well, for one thing, they’re the reproduction organs of a plant that can have sex with itself? How cool is that?

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