Oldies Not Goldies

imageIt took me almost two years but I finally did it: forced myself to eat in every one of Las Vegas’s venerable establishments. The oldest restaurants in town. Those slices of history that have hung on for decades, bucking trends and stemming tides.

And you know what I found?

They’re all terrible.

Not terrible terrible as in inedibly terrible, but so dated, shopworn and threadbare that there is no appreciable culinary reason to go to any of them.

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Bad Omelet

You’ve heard of Bad Lieutenant. This was Bad Omelet.

We at ELV don’t know how a place that calls itself the Omelet House can make bad omelets, but somehow this place manages.

Omelets are supposed to be fluffy, preciseĀ and folded over, not a bunch of inartfully scrambled eggs stuffed with “chorizo” of no particular breeding, or recognizable spice.

The cheap cheddar cheese tweren’t nuthin’ to shout ’bout neither.

And the home fries were greasy, as in: too greasy for ELV.

And ELV loooooves his greasy home fried ‘taters

And from where we wuz sittin’, it didn’t look like they’ve dusted the plastic flowers that decorate this joint, or changed the carpets, since 1982 — when we first discovered it at the corner of Rancho and Charleston.

But it wuz cheap then, and it is cheap now.

Too bad itĀ ain’t any good.

Our small chorizo omelet cost $6.95.

Just thought you’d like to know.


2160 West Charleston Blvd. #A

Las Vegas, NV 89103