OPA! Greek Food Festival Begins!

And the food is bound to be better than the meal we had at OPA! (the restaurant) two days ago (pictured above).

Not that it was bad, it just wasn’t that good, and proved once again what we’ve said for most of our adult life: The best Greek food in America is found in Greek homes. We at ELV have numerous theas (or thias: aunts) who have proven this true — many of whom are superior cooks and chefs in their own right — all of whom cook for this once a year Greek feast at St. John The Baptist Greek Orthodox Church.

Here are the hours:

Festival Hours

  • Thursday, September 18th 5pm to 10pm
  • Friday, September 19th 3pm to 11pm
  • Saturday, September 20th Noon to 11pm
  • Sunday, September 21st Noon to 10pm
  • This post has gotten us so hungry, we’re heading there right now, and will be all over the place tomorrow.
  • Follow our post (and blurry tasty snaps) on Facebook or Twitter, and come out for some retsina, saganaki, and a little dancing.
  • Be forewarned however, that should you see us dancing, you’ll know we’ve had too much of this.

6 thoughts on “OPA! Greek Food Festival Begins!

  1. It appears whoever listed the day/dates for the festival have been hitting the ouzo.

    Anyways, hope to see you there!

  2. Perfect weather, perfect amount of law enforcement/traffic cops to insure everyone got their pastries. Phew – my tax dollars at work – minor incident of bees honing in on dessert cook. Fear not, cook was out of uniform Metro – so pastry accessibility upheld once more! Ladies of the church charmingly eccentric as ever. I love this event!!!

  3. John, been a fan of your site for a while, but never commented. Being a fellow Greek I agree there is no place to eat like the “yia yias” house. There is one restaurant however that has recenly become in my opinion the best in Greek in Las Vegas. Its the Fat Greek on Flamingo and Decature next to Food 4 Less. They recently expanded the restaurant and the owners son recently joined the team (great kid by the way) and he has put together an awesome, well executed menu at unbelievable prices with daily dinner specials. Lunch is mainly Gyros and Salads and Dinner is served after 5pm. Like I said I am a pretty tough critic of Greek food myself, but this place takes the toque for Greek in Vegas.

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