Slapsie Maxie Jacobson hates it, ELV likes it, and it’s very popular with Koreans and haolies alike.

We’ve never spent more than fifty bucks in the place, and find their ban chan (small dishes) more carefully rendered and sharply spiced than others around town.

Max says it’s too expensive, and generic….and his bi bim bap (rice and vegetables in a hot rock pot) was cold (bo hoo…).

We at ELV have had the bi bim bap here at least six times and always found it crackling with carmelized rice goodness…and plenty of heat.

Max advises driving four hours to SoCal for the real thing.

We aren’t as well heeled as he, and find it plenty good enough for our humble burg, whenever we need a Korean food fix.

Go and see for yourself…and tell’em ELV, not Mad Max, sent ya!

Our last dinner for two ran exactly $30 (two dishes, plenty of ban chan + a $6 tip).


4215 Spring Mountain Rd. Suite #107

Las Vegas, NV 89102-8742


5 thoughts on “MOTHER’S KOREAN GRILL

  1. Did Mad Max go to the real Korean BBQ joints in the “Korean Business District” in Garden Grove (just north of Orange County’s famed Little Saigon)? If not, then he need not boast about his trips to SoCal.

    And yes, I still have a psychotic love-hate relationship with Orange County and its food. ;-)

    But anyway, back to Vegas. If Mother’s is even half as good as the last Korean joint I visited in OC, I’ll be happy. These days, neither can I afford to fly back to the homeland every time I crave good Korean.

  2. I was the Orange County LA Times restaurant critic for 15 years, so what do you think? And I don’t hate Mother’s, not even close. It just isn’t very good, and that’s pa’chan (sp.) to you, fella.

  3. Max – give me your best Korean place in town – and don’t say LA. And then let’s do lunch there soon.

  4. Im afraid I have to agree with Max. Mothers is nothing special. It is however a good intro to Korean food for newbies or guests from the midwest. Koreatown (Western Ave or Garden Grove) it aint.

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