The tastefully-named Pho Kim Long (pronounced fuh-kim-long) conjures up memories of days gone by….of B-girls beckoning from steamy doorways in the streets of Saigon, circa 1971.

Of helicopters on rooftops…and the smell of napalm in the morning.

Yeah, those were the days.

But who cares about all that now? The important thing is/was that the fall of Saigon in 1975 opened the way for lots of Vietnamese immigrants to come to the good old U.S. of A….bringing with them lots of tasty food.

Like the stuff at Pho Kim LongĀ  — which fills the bill whether you’re there for a bowl of pho, or one of their stir-fried crabs of lobsters, or a meal of pretty darn good Chinese food.

We opted for the latter recently, and weren’t disappointed. The green beans with XO sauce were dependably fresh and crunchy; the tofu soup with salted egg was rich and substantial, and the seafood stir-fry (ordered as an “8” on their 1-10 scale) — everything you’d want a seafood stir-fry to be. Which is to say it was flash-cooked in seconds to allow the natural juices of the various swimmers to remain, and bathed in just enough sauce to make a difference, but not detract from the seafood-i-ness of it all.

Our dinner for two came to $66 ($55+$11 tip) with no alcohol.


4029 Spring Mountain Rd.

Las Vegas, NV 89102-8614


6 thoughts on “PHO KIM LONG

  1. glad to see you finally hit up- what I think is the best viet place in town.
    Try the roast duck soup sometime- fantastic
    plus its 24/7 – stuff like this makes vegas, despite its drawbacks – tough to leave

  2. kim long is great!!!!!
    another review i can agree with, good job ELV your getting there!
    the roast duck and rice plate with the fried egg is the best, great prices, great food, great selection, service ehh its chinatown (asian-town really) what do ya expect! been here many times and will always go back!

  3. That looks fun. It’s pretty far from me, but if Mr. ELV says it’s worth a try then I’ll try it. I was so used to great holes in the wall in Little Saigon when I lived in Orange County, but now I get a craving for Vietnamese food & I don’t know where to go in Henderson to get some. If I have to go that far to find it, then I may need to go soon.

  4. My favorite place in the city for a great Asian-inspired lunch or late-night bowl of pho which I think is the best in the city. Their braised sea scallops in chili are also very tasty and their side of chinese brocolli with oyster sauce has never disappointed. I also like their spring rolls and egg rolls, green beans and stir fried clams. I’ve been told the clay pots for dinner are a great meal for two – and plan on trying them soon.

  5. Still one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants in town, although definitely not the cheapest. Their Cha Gio (eggrolls) are amazing!

  6. PKL is great food, no doubt. but theres this one asian girl who just seems to regret working there by taking it all out on the guests. she served us a million times, always bad service. oh well. still good food tho, and will come back again and again

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