This Just In….ELV Banned From All Paymon’s Restaurants

These were the culprits…

…and this was the haiku:

Gummy ganoush plus

Rock hard “Athens” fries equals

Typical Paymon

That resulted in ELV’s lifetime banishment (as of last night via a Facebook communication) from Paymon Raouf’s Mediterranean restaurants around town.

Facebook protocol prevents us from publishing the actual communication (because, if we’re being politically correct about these things, it was sent to us “personally” — instead of being posted on our “wall” — as were a few other nasty-grams from Paymon’s friends and family) — the gist of which were: You’re a fat piece of rancid headcheese who needs to get a real job.

They apparently forgot about the time I actually praised his other restaurant.

And not fer nuthin’…the fries were rock hard, and had clearly spent an hour or so under a heat lamp before being served, and the baba ganoush was gummy, not-very-smoky and under-seasoned to boot.

But at least the dolmas were warmed-over and bland.

12 thoughts on “This Just In….ELV Banned From All Paymon’s Restaurants

  1. Think of it this way …
    Paymon is doing you a favor.
    You won’t ever have to eat that scary food again.

  2. Must of been an off day. I’ve never had anything short of exemplery food and service at any of Paymon’s restaurants!

  3. Khourys and Hedarys are the best in town, so you have alternatives I suppose. Viva el babaganoush! haha

  4. How lame. Do they really think this makes them look better? It just shows how thin-skinned they are. Think of it as their loss, Mr. ELV. At least you don’t have to suffer their craptastic food. ;-)

  5. If a restaurant is going to ban food critics, it makes me think twice about what they’re hiding and why I would want to go there. Paymon’s is now off my list of places to go in Vegas.

  6. im headed to paymons!!! thats awesome and ball-sy!!!!

    critics are in the pond scum catergory on the taxonomy chain!!!!
    some where around lawyers and bankers i beleive

  7. Wow — it’s really too bad they didn’t offer to make it up to you instead of running you off for good. I have to say, that makes me think twice about spending my dining dollar there… but I’ll be honest: I think their Athens fries are like crack. Addictive! Sorry you had a bad experience.

  8. Who gives a shit anyways John Curtas. Its Paymons for christ sake. fucking a place that has the chance to be hit and miss as far as food goes.
    If you want cheap food and drink in a non pretentious environment, you go there. If you want to pay more,go to the strip. Your such a victim.

  9. Paymons should just calm down and relax. After all, Bad reviews don’t stop Simon from making money.

  10. You’d think in an “economic down-turn” they would be putting their best foot forward and trying to regain your (and your loyal followers and future diners) business…I’m sure you’re not the only one that has had a bad experience there, but if this is how they take criticism, why bother?

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