WOLFGANG PUCK CAFE at Springs Preserve

The hamburger being served at the Wolfgang Puck Cafe at Springs Preserve is one mighty tasty composition for nine bucks.

That alone gives it a leg up on some of the gourmet burgers in town that cost twice as much.

Unfortunately, you have to stand in line to order it, and then sit in a table in a big, glass-lined room that feels like a hospital cafeteria — albeit one with a much better view, and serving a much better purpose.

That purpose is to give you some sustenance before or after you stroll around our town’s birthplace, and take in the sights of its most fascinating museum.

The other things our staff sampled were the standard-issue Chinese chicken salad — as bland and characterless as the room, and something that Puck should’ve retired years ago — and a “Greek” salad that was exactly what you’d expect a Mediterranean salad to taste like from an Austrian.

Which is to say is was practically feta-free and boring beyond belief.

Just thought you’d like to know.

WOLFGANG PUCK CAFE at Springs Preserve

333 South Valley View Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89107



8 thoughts on “WOLFGANG PUCK CAFE at Springs Preserve

  1. orzo pasta salad??? thats the most unappetizing looking side i have seen, would expect that at gilroys or something!!!
    been to this place once, last spring, was a complete ghost town, food was mediochre at best and the staff didnt want to be there. hold on to your money and stop and taco bell on the way home, at least you know what your in for there!

  2. I was wondering the same thing–what the hell is that glop of stuff next to the burger??? It looks like some sort of cold, gummy casserole–sort of like the “hellsapoppin” my Mother used to serve. Which by the way, was served hot and was delicious. But that mess, Puck should be embarassed.

  3. clue & dr-

    I still can’t believe that blob of off-white with specks of green is supposed to be “orzo pasta salad”. And those other sorry excuses for salads? They give “sustainable cuisine” a bad name. Give me the same budget and a little time beforehand to scour the farmers’ market (and maybe Trader Joe’s for whatever I can’t find there), and I can whip up far better salads! And no, I certainly won’t skimp on the feta. ;-)

  4. A few of us from work went to Wolfgang Pucks Cafe for lunch. We loved it. We especially loved the orzo pasta salad.

  5. I must admit I was initially disappointed when I saw the orzo pasta salad that came as a side dish to my wrap, but one taste reminded me to never judge a book by its cover. Looks were deceiving—the salad was one of the best tasting I have ever had. In fact, I came across these postings as I was online searching for a recipe to recreate it at home. I can only surmise that #s 1, 2, and 3 above are judging only from the photo and have not actually tried the orzo pasta salad. If they did, they would eat their words!

  6. It may look like glop in the picture but I ate at Springs Preserve in May and had this very meal and it was the best pasta salad I have ever eaten. I too came across this when I was searching for the recipe. It was delicious!

  7. I had the orzo about a month ago and it was disgusting. I saw it on the menu and was excited because i rarely come across it on menus, so I had to try it. However, the peas were grey and it tasted and smelled like it was made weeks previously. I returned it and asked them to eat it, they declined and sent over carrot cake as an apology, which was fantastic. Everything, but the orzo was fabulous. The grilled veggie wrap and the butternut curry soup was on point; my wife had the Asian chicken salad and I snuck in a bite and loved the spicy kick it had. I’d go back any day, but next time no orzo.

  8. The steak pannini was two worthless slices of thin overcooked meat . As for it. being one off the expensive items on the menu, I expected a whole lot more!! It. ruined my beautiful experience. Steak-umms would have been better.

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