Making Naan at the INDIAN CURRY BOWL

Watching anything get made is fascinating isn’t it? Skilled hands at work are a thing of beauty no matter what they are doing.

Skilled hands are not something we at ELV have ever been possessed of. We tried to play the piano as a pre-teen, but lacking any manual dexterity (and to our mother’s everlasting disappointment), we flailed about at lessons for a couple of years, before throwing in the towel.

We also tried working in a restaurant kitchen once, but found ourselves chopping next to a guy named Manuel Dexterity, and slinked away in humiliation after a few days.

Speaking of prestidigitation humiliations, ELV also once tried to play the guitar. But after six months of lessons, he discovered it was the only thing he was worse at than playing basketball — the sight of which should never be viewed by anyone on a full stomach.

All of this is by way of saying that it takes a cool dude to stick his hands into a hot (800 degree) tandoori oven to slap a flatbread on its sides so the thing can be bubbled up and served all within a minute. And watching it happen is fascinating indeed.

Anan Sirivastava, the co-owner of Indian Curry Bowl along with is wife/chef Rita, explained to us that the full-time bakers in Indian who perform this craft lose all of the hair on their arms after years of it being singed off by the heat.

But hey, what’s a few toasted follicles between friends?


5643 Cenntenial Center Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89149-7117


7 thoughts on “Making Naan at the INDIAN CURRY BOWL

  1. Dammit, why must this be on the opposite side of town? I’m starting to crave Indian, but I don’t know what’s near me in Green Valley. I guess I’ll have to make the 30 mile drive some time, but in the mean time I’ll have to do some research at Urbanspoon.

  2. Check out Origin India on Paradise across from the Hard Rock. Their new Executive Chef Kuldeep Singh is doing some great things – creating a modern intrepretation of Indian cuisine. All the traditional flavors are there, it’s just a more refined product that you’ll find on the plate than you will in any other Indian restaurant in the city.

  3. There’s also an Indian buffet on Maryland Pkwy between tropicana & hacienda. It’s called “Indian Curry”, and while the buffet is a little pricey (about $9.00 last time I ate there about a year ago), they had a pretty good selection of common Indian dishes. It’s also right next to an Indian market I like shopping at for their selection of Paneer.

  4. In the spirit of eating healthy, may I recommend “Mantra Masala” at the NE corner of Warm Springs & Durango where the chef/owner puts a healthy spin on Indian cuisine and makes one of the best (simply prepared) sea bass dishes I’ve ever had. It’s not on the menu but ask for it and you’ll be delightfully surprised.

  5. Ken, Megan, & Jennifer-

    Thanks! I don’t know which one to try first. I’m still fairly new to town, so I was wondering if there was any good Indian restaurant here in Henderson. It doesn’t look like there is, but at least it looks like I can hop up to the East Side to find one. Oh, and wasn’t Mantra Masala recently reviewed? That one’s on the West Side, but it’s Southwest so at least it’s not too far from Green Valley.

  6. Oh My! This is it! This is the recipe that the restaurants don’t want you to have! It is fantistic. My wife and I are Sesame Chicken fanatics

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