WAZUZU Liquid Lunch

ELV wasn’t his usual self the other day, so instead of polishing off a bottle of viscous, lychee-redolent gewurtztraminer (Zind-Humbrecht or Trimbach, usually), followed by a nice, perfumy Volnay, he decided to slug down a couple of cocktails at lunch — just to take the edge off the afternoon…if you know what we mean.

And since the best cocktails closest to his office just happen to be at Wynn/Encore (courtesy of mixmistress Patricia Richards), off to a liquid lunch we went.

Two drinks later — a Wazuzu Smash and a Yuzu Black Cherry Collins, we were happy as a besotted clam and a tad hungry, so we got the sushi and barbecue meat samplers — just to take the edge off our appetite…if you know what we mean.

And that barbecue platter was pretty pedestrian (semi-dry pork, not-so-fatty-duck, and so-so chicken if memory serves through the alcoholic haze), but the sushi platter was pretty fabulous…but also pretty darn expensive ($60). The fish slices would be considered crassly large by a Tokyo sushi master, but they’re probably just the right size for overfed Americans, and the rice they came on — and the composition in general — was flawless.

Our lunch for one was really enough for two and came to: $122.84 + $23.16 tip = $146.

$146 may seem expensive, but Wazuzu is now offering a $30, three course dinner that’s quite a bargain. We haven’t had the special dinner per se, but we’ve tasted just about the entire menu, and the food offered for that price represents a 50% discount from the normal menu.

4 thoughts on “WAZUZU Liquid Lunch

  1. you never have anything good to say about this place, but you continue to go there???

  2. Alcoholic haze is right! Your memory served you poorly – there is no chicken on the bbq plate. Just admit it. You like Wazuzu.

  3. Over priced, over hyped and mediocre. You must really like this place, drunk or sober.

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