Bad Omelet

You’ve heard of Bad Lieutenant. This was Bad Omelet.

We at ELV don’t know how a place that calls itself the Omelet House can make bad omelets, but somehow this place manages.

Omelets are supposed to be fluffy, precise and folded over, not a bunch of inartfully scrambled eggs stuffed with “chorizo” of no particular breeding, or recognizable spice.

The cheap cheddar cheese tweren’t nuthin’ to shout ’bout neither.

And the home fries were greasy, as in: too greasy for ELV.

And ELV loooooves his greasy home fried ‘taters

And from where we wuz sittin’, it didn’t look like they’ve dusted the plastic flowers that decorate this joint, or changed the carpets, since 1982 — when we first discovered it at the corner of Rancho and Charleston.

But it wuz cheap then, and it is cheap now.

Too bad it ain’t any good.

Our small chorizo omelet cost $6.95.

Just thought you’d like to know.


2160 West Charleston Blvd. #A

Las Vegas, NV 89103


4 thoughts on “Bad Omelet

  1. same joint just established in Plaza. Not so bad location, same questionable eggyness. Firefly is suppose to open there too. Hmmm…..

  2. If that’s what the Omelet House calls Home Fries no wonder they can’t get the eggs right. Me thinks the cook needs a lesson in the basic knife skills used to cut REAL home fries.

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  4. Dear Mr. Curtas,
    I own the Omelet House and I am a huge fan of yours. That’s why I am devistated to discover that you had an unpleasant experience on your visit with us. In this day of corperate ownership and the little guy getting squeezed out of business it should be encouraging to still have a place that is family owned and operated, where, the employees know your name and where you like to sit and what you like to drink and other little idiosyncrasies that make you feel special after your second or third visit. And if you have a bad experience, the owner will come over and try to address the situation. (When you have a situation at Denny”s, Mr.Denny doesn’t come out of the kitchen to speak with you.) I have been reading restaurant reviews for my entire working life (I am 50 and the food business is all I have ever done or wanted to do.) I consider myself blessed to do something I love and I take a great deal of pride in my businesses. A good reviewer(the late RW Apple,Ruth Reichl) will make several visits to a place over a period of time tom get more than a snapshot. Perhaps, if you had taken the time to do that, you would have seen what I am talking about. You might even have been fortunate enough to have my lovely wife serve you. If you look online you will see the overwhelming response to my efforts. In closing, I will continue to listen to your clever commentary on KNPR but it will be with a tinge of sadness over the memory of an injustice. Long live small business!!

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