Our staff wishes all of you a happy and healthy 4th of July….

And we at ELV say screw the fireworks, go drink some (good) red and white wine, and we guarantee it’ll keep you from feelin’ blue.

To get you in the mood, click here and tell us if watching this movie trailer doesn’t bring a smile to your face….and get you thirsty.

Interestingly, after seeing Sideways one of ELV’s ex-wives commented that one of the characters (the super-needy stud) reminded her of you know who, while another ex- said she recognized us in the other guy (the nerdy, insecure drunk).

There’s a lesson in there which ELV prefers not to ponder.

Instead, it’s off to Marche Bacchus to get tanked…on anything but merlot.

2 thoughts on “HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!

  1. Happy Independence Day!

    ELV, before you get tanked over at Marche Bacchus, first head on over to Valley Cheese & Wine on the northwest corner of Horizon Ridge & Valley Verde in Henderson, to fulfill all your oenological and cheesy tendencies. Start off with a little Minuet and end up with a Roaring Forties party!

    Yes, VCW is open today on the Fourth of July until 5:00 p.m. (and yes, I am shamelessly plugging this place, even if Bob is a maniac).

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