Letter of the Week

Dear Readers,

Do you take yourself a tad seriously? Lose your temper at the drop of a hat? Have zero sense of humor about where you live or what hometown you hail from? Do you lay awake at night waiting to be offended? ELV thinks no matter how bad you are, you’ve got nuthin’ on this gal…

To KNPR and John Curtas

RE: Food for Thought/John Curtas/June 19, 2009/Whassup at Wazuzu

Living north of St. George, Utah in what Mr. Curtas refers to as “Bum Fudge Utah” we are forced to have KNPR as our Public Radio station. When we moved here 6 years ago from San Francisco, we enjoyed the reception of KUER in Salt Lake City. For some reason you are the primary signal we receive if we want Public Radio via the airwaves.

We have lived in several major metropolitan areas over time and have always cherished our Public Radio as a touch with sanity in a sometimes insane world. However we cannot extend that compliment to the local programming on your station. We have never appreciated Mr. Curtas’ food commentary. It would seem that he is trying to be witty and sardonic yet comes off not close to either. Thus, we generally tune him out.

Yesterday, and on a repeat broadcast again today, that was difficult to do. He commented that the restaurant he was attacking toned down their food to suit Mr. & Mrs. Fanny Packer from Bum Fudge, Utah. Hello people….did you forget that Utah is part of your market? Did you also forget that the Vegas economy is in the dumpster worse than many areas of this country and that you probably are hoping for Mr. & Mrs. Fanny Packer from Bum Fudge anywhere to put some pennies back in your piggy bank!

We can take a slam when it’s funny or fits the commentary….this was neither. We only listen to your station when in the car or when we can’t receive our internet stream from other cities. That probably ends today. Perhaps you don’t need your listeners in “Bum Fudge, Utah” anyway. As for Mr. Curtas, well, if he is the best you can do as a “Food Critic” in the city the size of Las Vegas…Hmmmm, that’s a shame. As stated earlier, we have lived around the country over the years and Mr. Curtas is nowhere near the kind of Food Critic you would expect in a large city. His style….well…it seems better suited to the local AM station somewhere in Bum Fudge USA.

U T Hate ELV
Bum Fudge, Utah

P.S. Living in a small town does not mean you have a small brain or a small scope of experience any more than living in a large city makes you somehow superior to the rest of us.

Dear U T Hate ELV,

FYI: over the years ELV has referenced many a mythical constabulary in his commentaries, including: Bumfudge, Kentucky, Sopchoppy, Mississippi, and Hoi Polloi, Illinois. However, if you really want to go there (and it was the furthest thing on our mind when we wrote and recorded our Wazuzu script), as food states go, Utah has great National Parks.