…and since we wuz drinkin’ on a school night (see previous post), we thought we’d stroll across the street to the Mirage for some more booze-soaked fun. (Rum is the new vodka…haven’t you heard?)

Rhum Bar officially opened two weeks ago, features 35 different ones — some of which taste like whiskey, some like brandy, and all of which are much more interesting than the Barcardi you grew up on.

There’s also a cigar humidor filled with smokes we can’t afford (and some we can), and an uber-cool outdoor patio for lounging, smoking, or watching the human highway outside the entrance to the hotel.

As for the cocktails, the list is mercifully short, decently-priced ($12 per), and concentrated on a few old- and new-school rum libations to whet your whistle.

Our staff found the 1944 Mai Tai a bit sweet, but we found ourselves ordering rounds of the hand-crafted Latin Manhattan even after our common sense told us to stop.

Mercifully, nothing is served in one of those Y-shaped martini glasses — yet another reason to make this your go-to, on-Strip watering hole.

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