Poundin’ (more like tastin’) brewskis at the Sin City Brewing Company

Hangin’ with hot, tall, willowy blondes (or hot magazine editors for that matter) is something ELV only does with his doctor’s permission these days. But when Jamie Nielsen-Langdon invited us to the Flamingo for a tasting of Sin City Brewing Company’s new brews, we were in faster than you can say Saccharomyces carlsbergensis.

Snaking through the Flamingo Hotel (smelling as it does of cheap, coconut-scented suntan oil), is never much fun, but if you head towards the pool area you’ll find four locally-crafted brews on draft (at the Sin City Brewing Co. beer bar) that are worth the walk.

Our staff wasn’t keen on the Sin City Light — finding it to be “lite” to the point flavor-free-dom. That being said, it’ll probably be a big hit with folks like this. Likewise, the Amber wasn’t nutty enough for us, and lighter in body than expected, but still was eminently quaff-able.

But all Sin City sins were forgiven with one sip of the Weisse — a dead ringer for a Bavarian wheat beer. The Stout might not be stout enough for some, but it showed definite refinement, some chocolate notes, and a medium-long finish.

We offered these mild criticisms to brew-master Richard Johnson, who took it like a man, and then told us they can’t make the Sin City Light fast enough. Johnson, who cut his teeth at Gordon Biersch, is probably onto something with his poolside-friendly brews, but we’ll stick with the weisse.

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  1. We are sure you meant Jamie Nielsen-Langdon…and I agree the Weisse is a great beer. I also like the Stout. If they only sold something to nibble on there, be it standard bar food like wings, nachos, etc. or gourmet roasted nuts and pretzels – it would be the perfect low-key spot to grab a few bites and a few delicious beers.

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