The trouble with naming anything “gourmet” is, on some level, you better deliver the goods.

The trouble with Bleu Gourmet has been, for too long, it has not done so.

For the past few months a talented guy named Dan Bridges has been at the helm, and the food is vastly improved — approaching what you might actually expect from a place named thusly.

BG is a place we’ve consciously ignored over the past several years — not wishing to hurt its business even though the food has always fallen short of expectations. We’ve always felt it best to leave such places well enough alone, and either let the market take its toll, or allow it to continue pleasing customers at whatever level of mediocrity (or worse) they’re used to.

Rarely do any of them ever improve, but it seems that BG now has done so. Whether Bridge’s skills are enough to help it survive these times is highly problematical, but we had a kick-ass lunch there the other day — full of sharp flavors and interesting combinations — and thought we should share it with you, regardless of what The Fates have in store for it.

Bridge’s snow crab “causa limena” and hearts of palm “ceviche” both dazzled us with precise, confident flavors, and his house-cured salmon with creme fraiche and roasted grapes was lip-smackingly sweet (those grapes), salty, seafood-y, and superbly balanced. And there’s probably not a more whimsical and addictive dessert in town (at a lunch venue anyway) than BG’s creme brulee-stuffed strawberries.

Just thought you’d like to know.


8751 West Charleston Blvd Suite 110

Las Vegas, NV 89119


9 thoughts on “BLEU GOURMET

  1. I’ve been a fan of this place for quite some time. It’s one of the city’s little-known gems.

  2. We’ve been going to BG for the past couple of years, and have always had a nice time. The food isn’t always great, but it’s always good, and sometimes that is just enough to keep us coming back. Plus they sell Chimay Ale by the bottle which goes perfect with their rich French Onion Soup. I wish I hadn’t just eaten lunch…I’d go get some now.

  3. FYI – Blue is closing its doors for good (I believe April 19th) so the review is just a little late. The French onion soup is the great.

  4. When we are looking for a blast of flavor without the big time carbs of a pizza place, we hit up Bleu Gourmet for one of their flatbreads which are packed with bold cheese and fresh toppings. It has been consistently great, and it is a quaint place to have an interesting meal while enjoying some wine in good stemwear. It is a nice change of pace from the Flemings, Nora’s Wine Bar, Vintner corner in the area.

  5. “We” … you are so off target. This was a gem. The food was great. The atmosphere was always fabulous. The staff became family. You keep your corporate snobbery restaurants. Bleu Gourmet will always remain in my heart one of the best places. I have no doubt Bleu / Sonny will be back and those who loved this place so much will be be there!

  6. funny, we got a friend a gift certificate the middle of march, i read here that they knew they were closing thier doors. why would a reputable eatery take someones money for a gift certificate knowing there would be nowhere to use it?

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