EPICUREAN AFFAIR (upcoming this Thursday) on KLAS TV Channel 8’s Dishing and Dining (last Friday)

The Epicurean Affair is this Thursday night, April 23, 2009, at 6:00 PM at the Flamingo Hotel pool. There you will find me hanging around the Giorgio Ristorante booth — being copiously fed by uber-chef Nico Chessa whilst communing with the ghost of Bugsy Siegel.

For what it’s worth, ELV also intends to Twitter his way around the food booths, and keep his camera ready for signs of Denise Valdez swooning over the food like she did at the end of this video…

Click here for ticket and other information.

4 thoughts on “EPICUREAN AFFAIR (upcoming this Thursday) on KLAS TV Channel 8’s Dishing and Dining (last Friday)

  1. Let’s see if John’s “tweets” become more obscure as the hours (and cocktails) add up!

  2. Epicurean? With Ricardos, Whole Foods etc.? Never again.
    The event was spread out too far, I missed the M Resort on the lawn (only found out when I was leaving), even with the map provided, this property is just too large a venue for this type of event. I ran out of steam and only hit 65% of the vendors for which I am truly sorry. Some were truly outstanding and I will definitely partake of their cuisine. I remember when this was held at Caesars with waitstaff serving champagne and it was a lavish affair.

  3. Couldn’t disagree more with Helen. The event was fantastic in all areas. The food was great, the drinks plentiful and the scenery sensational. I too missed the M resort spread but did catch Valentino’s offerings which were plentiful. Other favorites were Marche Bacchus, Jasmine and even the little burgers from Margaritaville. As far as the venue being large, that is the point. More than 2,500 people attend this event annually – if it were inside a smaller footprint it would be impossible to eat or drink anything. Hitting all of the vendors would be an exercise in gluttony, which is OK, but I don’t think the point. I’ll take an event like last night’s anytime over something considered more lavish where champagne is handed out by stuffy servers wearing tuxedo vests.

  4. I also thought last night’s event was very well executed. The food was tasty, and available until nearly 10pm. The place managed to stay mostly clean which is saying a lot considering how many dirty plates and cups were used. The weather cooperated too after what started as a windy day. Looking forward to next year already!

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