Top 100 Chinese Restaurants Awards Banquet

As the story goes: Chinese food is about 5,000 years old, and the Jewish culture dates to at least 4,000 B.C., so for a thousand years the Jews had nothing to eat.

But ELV wants to know: if the two cultures are so intertwined, how come you never find Chinese folks asking where they can score some gefilte fish?

Regardless, when the Chinese Restaurant News is in town with its Top 100 Awards Show, Hizzoner — The Great and Forever Gin Blossomed One — Oscar Goodman — will always be close at hand to celebrate the occasion and take (partial, well-deserved) credit (on behalf of all Jewish folks) for keeping Chinese food so successful in America for the past hundred years or so.

The Mayor was also a good enough sport to offer himself up as a cooking student to Martin (Yan Can Cook) Yan — a man who is revered as a god among the Chinese restaurateurs of America.

Even Robin Leach was on hand to apologize (symbolically, by his very presence) for the Opium Wars.

All in all, it was a lot like a kindergarten pageant where almost everyone got some prize or recognition. But it was a coup to get these awards here, and expect the event to grow in the coming years — giving Vegas yet another foothold on our country’s multi-faceted food culture.

FYI: The Top Ten Awards for Overall Excellence went to:

  1. Koi Palace: Daly City, CA
  2. Yangming: Bryn Mawr, PA
  3. Fung’s Kitchen: Houston, TX
  4. Bo Ling’s: Kansas City, MO
  5. Grand Sichuan: New York, NY
  6. Empress Dim Sum Seafood Restaurant: Denver, CO
  7. Chef Lee’s Peking Restaurant: Columbus, GA
  8. Suzie’s the Finest Chinese Cuisine: New York, NY
  9. China Palace Restaurant: Stockton, CA
  10. East Restaurant: Wells, MA

4 thoughts on “Top 100 Chinese Restaurants Awards Banquet

  1. Let’s be honest, this award is not like getting a Michelin Star. I have been to both of the Fresno, CA “Honorees” and neither can hold a candle to the best Chinese there. They’re okay but don’t rate in my book. In fact, I challenge any restaurant on this list to produce a Chef working in their kitchen who has a Bocuse d’Or Silver Medal. There is one in Fresno, at a place called Hunan, and if you ever want to have the best Chinese this side of, well probably outside of China, take a trip to, of all places, Fresno, CA.

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