ELV’s Usual at CUT

ELV was feeling lonely (sigh). No one had returned his calls all day despite entreaties to join him for a steak tasting at CUT.

Every friend was busy, no one seemed hungry, and his stomach was growling.

He thought to himself: “What is wrong with people? Are my friends so satisfied with their lives that they can’t obtain heights of rapture just considering what Chef Mathew Hurley might be cooking up tonight? Have I so spoiled them all that they take for granted my weeknight invitations for superior repasts at extraordinary restaurants presided over by world-class kitchen talent?”

“And how can anyone resist the superlative sommelier stylings of the lithesome Lindsey Whipple?”

“They must be able to,” he concluded. How else to explain being stranded at so desperate a time by those he thought loved him (and the food and wine he loved) so much.

Gathering up all the diminished dignity he could muster, he buffed his Alan Edmonds, burnished his Brioni and dragged his wounded countenance into the best steak house in town. There, he ordered his usual: a trio of sliders, four apps, three steaks and two desserts.

And his faith in all that is good and right in the world was reclaimed.

Balance was restored to the universe.

And it was good.

3 thoughts on “ELV’s Usual at CUT

  1. ELV, how dare you forget the excellent service, headed up by CUT’s General Manager Marino Monferrato? Whatsamatta u, you, you … LAWYER!!??

    BTW I didn’t return your calls because … YOU NEVER CALLED ME IN THE FIRST PLACE, ELV! Never mind that I live in another city hundreds of miles away. The invitation would have been noted and appreciated, just to let you know.

    And before I forget, what wines did you drink with your meal that night?

    I hope to see you next weekend in Las Vegas, John.

    “This is the time – This is the place.”

  2. Hmmm… my phone was on all day, but it didn’t ring. Oh well, no hard feelings as your invitation would have been met with an unfortunate “Sorry, I’m working.” My usual reply to meal invites. Silly restaurant being open during lunch AND dinner.

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