You won’t find Philippe Angibeau doing lots of plate painting and messy deconstruction at Le Cirque and Circo. As the Pastry Chef for each, he’s a traditionalist and a flavor technician, in the finest sense of both words.

Circo’s dessert platings are sometimes more ornate and colorful, Le Cirque’s: more classically French in structure and presentation. Sometimes they even border on comfort food (a stellar strawberry shortcake, the best souffles in town, and the world-famous creme brulee, for example), but there’s always some flare in there to keep things interesting.

And there’s no denying their awesome, drop-dead deliciousness, that never fail to do what all desserts are supposed to: provide a whimsical and entertaining finale to your meal.

FYI: The word “dessert” comes from the the French word desservir (“to clear the table”), meaning that it’s the last thing presented before the meal is over. Confusion arises, however, when someone says another is getting his or her “just desserts” — which means “comeuppance” or something they so richly (and negatively) deserve. To compound things further, the French word deservir (“to deserve”) is pronounced exactly like desservir.

Those darn Frenchies….They have a different word for EVERYTHING!


Side by side in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino

3600 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109

702.693.8100 – Le Cirque

702.693.8150 – Circo