Encore Restaurants – First Look

One week, five meals and a lot of cocktails has left ELV with a lot to say about Encore. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the time to say it right now.

So check out theseĀ  snaps (that’ll give you an idea what the place looks and tastes like), and we’ll be weighing in with our opinions soon:

2 thoughts on “Encore Restaurants – First Look

  1. ELV, I’ll raise it to a three-night stay at Encore Resort itself, five meals, a few drinks, and a massage.

    When I get back next week, I’ll weigh in as well with my opinions (but not necessarily the scale).

  2. Wazuzu had the most unprofessional staff and worst service I have ever experienced in a restaurant—while the food was good,it was served out of order, was over priced and for a restaurant that touts Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai, the menu seemed limited.

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