Critiquing The Critic – French Style

Francois Simon the restaurant critic for Le Figaro in Paris, is the overbearing critic to end all critics. Read this article about how insufferable he is, and then, maybe, ELV won’t seem so bad after all!

Here is an example of his blog that is very, very French, but amusing in all sorts of ways for that very reason. If you can plow through the crazy, inaccurate translations like: “These meals are trompe l’oeil. It would take days to leave the great restaurants after the snack.”(?) — you’ll see how true food snobs operate in that motherland of all food snobbery.

And then you’ll realize what a cupcake ELV truly is…

2 thoughts on “Critiquing The Critic – French Style

  1. I loved reading this article. Right or wrong you have to salute Monsieur Siomon’s passion for food. If only we had the history to wanrrantt such here.

  2. Thanks ELV, it was great reading.

    I didn’t realize how boring my own food writing was until I captured this tidbit on Monsieur Simon’s style-

    “His columns describe not only a restaurant’s food, but also its service, décor and clientele, even down to the movement of the breasts of women around him.”

    Hmm. I guess I better start sharing personal thoughts on the movements of the bodies at the next table when I write a restaurant review. “The duck was over-cooked, but the………………at the next table was………………and delicious”

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