Rosemary’s has been so good for so long (eleven years and counting) that we take it for granted sometimes. But a meal there last week had us licking our chops and swooning over the Belgian beer and food matches trotted out by Manager (and uber-beer-guy) Mike Shetler.

No one is ever going to accuse Chef/Owner Michael Jordan’s cuisine of being minimalist or feather-light (he was an early acolyte of Emeril Lagasse after all), but his recipes and seasonings always seem pitch perfect — especially when our weather turns cooler.

And what he’s done for years is keep a loyal group of customers happy with menu staples like a smoky, thick, turkey gumbo, deep-fried crab boulettes, barbecue shrimp with Maytag blue cheese, fried (natch) sweetbreads (one of the best and only versions in town these days), and a chile-rubbed steak that’s a kick in more ways than one.

All of these go spendidly with Shetler’s beer selections. Give him the slightest opening and he’ll regale you with tales of hoppy top notes and malty bass lines that make artisanal brews like a Bornem double ale pair so well with some of Jordan’s rich sauces, or a  spicy “Saison” beer he helped craft at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. in Chico, California.

Upon request (by those over 21) Shetler personally will pour you an (off the menu) Lindemann’s Raspberry Lambic Float — an ice cream and ale concoction that kicks root beer’s ass.

It may be wintertime in the High Mojave (in fact it’s snowing outside ELV’s window as he writes this and his staff couldn’t be happier), but when it’s cold outside, somehow a Belgian tripel Karmiliet  at Rosemary’s seems like just the right libation

Our dinner for four — which included a number of beers and ales — came to $233 plus a $50 tip. On Sunday nights, the entire wine list (with a few execeptions) is one-half off — a steal in anyone’s book.


8125 West Sahara Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89117



5 thoughts on “ROSEMARY’S

  1. Over rated and over priced restaurant. The management is snooty and self absorbed. They advertise half off on the wine but don’t tell you it must be drunk in the bar area and they don’t honor their ads when you are seated at the dining table nor do they tell you until the bill is presented. If you are surprised, they are arrogant and tell you to go somewhere else. You also have to wait a VERY long time to be served. There are too many other fine dining establishments who treat you better.

  2. Is 233 for four overpriced? In my experiences at Rosemary’s, I have always felt it an extraordinary value. The service isn’t the most amazing, but they hit most of the points in the Commanders Palace training manual. Glad they’re not on the strip where they would have to charge at least 50% more.

  3. Dear H Williams,
    Rosemary’s offers 1/2 off on the entire bottled wine list (except for one DRC selection) on Sunday nights anywhere in the restaurant. I am not sure where you got the impression that the discount is only offered in the bar area. We do have a Happy Hour in the bar/lounge only M-Fri 4-7pm where all beers, wines-by-the-glass and cocktails are 1/2 off. In reference to our “ads,” I assume you mean the direct mail coupons we offer that discount a meal up to $25. These clearly state that there not available for use in conjunction with any other offer or promotion or on Holidays. In other words, if you take advantage of the 1/2 off Sunday wine deal, you are not allowed to use the $25 coupon on the same meal, which I believe to be more than fair.

  4. I’ve never had anything but great service and wonderful food at Rosemary’s! I was just there last night with friends and enjoyed the wonderful cocktails at unbeatable Happy Hour prices along with their sensibly priced and yummy Small Plates. I think they do a great job of maintaining the highest standard of food quality and service while still offering some great deals: Ladies Night, the Sunday wine deal, their prix-fixe menus, etc. Plus I’ve always found the staff to be very approachable when it comes to asking questions about wine or beer or anything on the menu. Mr. Shetler really seems to enjoy interacting with the guests about their beverage selections- which has not been my experience at other restaurants of the same caliber in the valley. My guess is that H Williams was having a bad evening and nothing anyone would have said or done would have made them feel any different.

  5. I have taken advantage of the Sunday night deal twice when visiting the city. The cost of the cab ride cuts out most of the value of the wine price reduction, but the food and service were great and somehow getting a white burgundy for 1/2 off just makes you feel good about what you’re doing, regardless of how the final numbers tally.

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