OLIVES’ Winter (Recession) Menu

ELV shall be supping tonight at Olives. Please alert the media.

When it comes to customers and profits these days, it is cold out there indeed in celebrity-restaurant-land (especially overpriced, overrated ones). But fifty bucks is too much luck to pass up….even at Olives.

p.s. The three course luncheon menu is $25. We shall partake of it on Sunday.

2 thoughts on “OLIVES’ Winter (Recession) Menu

  1. Do you have list or link to current dining specials in Vegas (specials like this one for Olives or the fall tasting menus at MGM, not like the $7.99 complete steak dinners)? Thanks.

  2. I don’t have a comprehensive list…..but I’ll report on specials as I come across them!

    FYI: almost every major restaurant in town is now featuring special menus, early bird specials and three course bargain meals!

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