Eating Everything In The House at BARTOLOTTA RISTORANTE DI MARE

There are two superb seafood restaurants in Las Vegas. RM Seafood is one of them; Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare in the Wynn is the other.

Eating Las Vegas can’t do justice (in words or in pictures) to the feast put before us last week by uber-chef Paul Bartolotta in his eponymous restaurant in the Wynn. Therefore, in the spirit of humility, deference and buck-passing for which he is known, he hereby refers you to uber-food writer Dr. John Sconzo, for his complete recitation (in words and much better pictures) of the meal.

As you will see from a picture comparison, Sconzo’s snaps put ELV’s to shame, giving ELV and his staff, some serious pixel envy.

For Doc Sconz’s seriously tasty snaps of his meal at RM Seafood click here.

5 thoughts on “Eating Everything In The House at BARTOLOTTA RISTORANTE DI MARE

  1. Dr. John and Solicitor John-thank you both for the wonderful photos. Dr. John must have had his backdrops and professional lighting systems with him at the table. Those photos are fantastic.

  2. Believe it or not……all of his snaps were taken in natural light (maybe he used flash on of them….but that was it) They truly are wonderful photos.

  3. Correction… in facts and in the typo above: Doc Sconz used flash twice (if memory serves), the rest were taken in natural (and quite dim) light. He believes a bright flash is rude to other diners and even though ELV agrees with him, we’ve been known to flash away in moments of gustatory excitation.

  4. John, thanks for the kind words. I could not hope to hold a candle to what you do, day in and day out in Las Vegas. You know food and you know Las Vegas – a great combination. You also make a wonderful dining companion!

  5. In response to post #3, John , you are correct. I did use flash twice. One was to photograph Chef Bartolotta standing with his seafood chest and the other was to photograph the raviolo on the table. Everything else was taken sans flash. This is only possible with that kind of lighting through the technology of today’s cameras and software that can adjust for dark lighting. BTW, lighting adjustments are the only enhancements to the photos of that beautiful food.

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