Waiter, There’s a HERRINGBONE Stuck in My Throat

Sometimes, you just know too much.

There comes a time when there have been too many meals in too many restaurants over too many decades. So many, in fact, that you can take the measure of a place within minutes of sitting down.

You get to where you can see the wheels turning and hear the exact conversations that went into the concept, the menu, and the cooking.

You get to the point where you spot the corporate calculation in every corner, and all you can do is sigh.

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Paul Bartolotta and the Perils of P.R.

(In 2005, ELV got the dish directly from the chef)

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you know that Eating Las Vegas broke the story of Paul Bartolotta’s leaving the Wynn a little over a week ago. At the time, we were planning on another laudatory article highlighting a recent meal there, which would, once again, cement Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare’s reputation as not only one of the best restaurants in Las Vegas, but also as one of the greatest seafood and Italian restaurants in the country….possibly the greatest.

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EATING LAS VEGAS – The 50 Essential Restaurants – Number Seven


Paul Bartolotta isn’t around much anymore. He moved his family to New York last year, and now does the celebrity chef-thing: swooping into town occasionally, according to dictates of his contract, just to make sure the best seafood restaurant in Las Vegas is still doing his name proud. Make no mistake, it still is, and is still one of the best seafood restaurants in the country.

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