Best Food Week Ever – Part Deux

The Star Chefs Revue was extremely well attended last night — at least a couple hundred foodies by our count. In keeping with the lack of attention span for which he is known, ELV ate and ran before the awards were handed out. But based upon these furtive tastings, the following were our favorites (actually, all the chefs put out extraordinary vittles, these are just the ones Eating Las Vegas loved best):

> Adam Sobel’s Wisconsin cheese-stuffed potato dumpling soup;
> Joe Isidori’s Chinese spiced short ribs;
> Anthony Amoroso’s pancetta-wrapped quail with almond foam;
> Amanda Gager’s cocktails (that were not for the feeble!)

Tonight: The Michelin Guide reception at Wynn.  Stay tuned.

1 thought on “Best Food Week Ever – Part Deux

  1. Somehow you managed to hit the 75% of the time that I agree with you, in one post. Sobel and Amoroso’s dishes and Miss Gager’s wonderfully balanced cocktails were certainly some of the stars of the show, but the Isidori dish had, as my girlfriend so aptly put it, “Too much going on.” And it isn’t that it wasn’t good or flavorful or anything else that would qualify it as an excellent dish. It’s just that, in a field this full of “yumminess” this dish was not a shining star, but a dim bulb. In reality, picking the best dish of the night truly was an exercise in splitting hairs. In the end my vote actually went to the Chef from Batali’s stable for his sweet and spicy pork dish that actually had the best balance of flavors of all the dishes put forth. It made me just a little happier than the rest.

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