DAL TORO RISTORANTE & Lamborghini Store(?)

We know what you’re thinking: Nothing screams “economic downturn” like buying a Lamborghini with your linguine.* This may not be possible in whatever burg you hail from, but thankfully, Las Vegas is here to provide these essentials for the rest of us.

Dal Toro Ristorante, the newest offering in the Palazzo, sports “Sexy sports cars and traditional Italian food” and enough high-toned design on each of its three levels to keep Dolce and Gabbana happy. And if 245k (for the aforementioned Lamborghini Gallardo) just isn’t enough carbon footprint for you, there’s a $1,800,000 Bugatti on the premises – for Discover Card holders just itching to spend that government stimulus check.

A level above those sports cars is a mega-cool bar, and some comfortable outdoor seating, and some highly serviceable northern Italian food. The pizzas are reliably thin-crusted and made with good ingredients, and the scampi alla Paprika has some real kick to it. Best of all, the lasagna della Nonna is the real deal; al dente sheets of pasta covering a melange of sausage, ragu, hard boiled eggs, proscuitto cotto, mozzarella and pecorino cheese. The menu says the recipe comes from Chef Fiorenzo Trunzo’s grandmother (“nonna”) and we believe it.


*The management doesn’t advertise these things (for fear of creating a panic), but if you pay cash for the car, the linguine’s free!

DAL TORO RISTORANTE and Lamborghini Store

In the Palazzo

3325 Las Vegas Blvd. South #200

Las Vegas, NV 89109


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  2. I say buy a new one. You already have the cash anyways right? So buy a new one. I would use a used one but only from family. And even then I would take it apart and clean it and wash the fabric. There’s a lot of children in my family so it’s ok..I guess.

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