Breakfast, Lunch and Two Dinners at SLS

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“I’m sorry, but we are no longer taking requests for media day,” the e-mail said.

“Wait. What?” we thought to ourselves. “You won’t give a little early access to Eating Las Vegas so we can get some first photos of your restaurants? DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?”

The fact is, the p.r. hacks and flacks running these things usually don’t. Which bothers us not at all.

Because the last thing you want when you go restaurant exploring in a shiny new Vegas hotel is to be followed around by some clueless bimbo.

So with that e-mail tucked into our pocket, we went anyway. Strolled in like we owned the joint, six hours before the official opening, to patrol the premises alone, without being herded like cattle with the various free-‘zine freeloaders on property.

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Eat This Now – Magdoos with Labni at KHOURY’S

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Magdoos (or makdous)  are Lebanese oil-cured, stuffed eggplants. The ones above tasted quite pickled and were quartered to reveal those spiced, ground walnuts stuck inside during the curing process. They came on a bed of the thick, satiny, creamy yogurt cheese called labni (or labneh) that the Lebanese consider a helpful digestif for any meal.

We at ELV consider this food so darn healthy, we don’t know why anyone would think it needed any digestive aid, but regardless, the tastiness of labni (alone, or accompanying any sweet or savory) is hard to deny.

The whole shebang costs on $7.50, and, along with a nice $8 tabouli salad, makes just about the perfect light lunch.

Just thought you’d like to know.


6115 South Fort Apache Rd. #100

Las Vegas, NV 89148


CRAZY PITA Still Crazy Good

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It’s no secret ELV loathes Henderson and Green Valley. From the confusing streets (“it’s at the corner of Sunset and Sunset”) to the boring houses, to the mind-numbing shopping centers to the utter lack of anything good to eat for twenty square miles, we avoid the Southeast side of town like we do monster truck rallies.

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