What Happened to HEDARY’S?

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Eating Las Vegas would like to know: What happened to Hedary’s?

We’ve eaten here at least twenty times over the years, have loved it, and have never had a plate of food served to us as sloppy as the  one pictured above.

That sujuk was as tough and unappealing to bite into as the picture indicates.

Although to be fair, the tabouli was good (but can it ever be bad?), and our dining companion loved her lamb kabobs.

But come on! Neither dish was really of restaurant quality, the pita bread was puffy but cold and stale, and the overtaxed service and overall vibe of the place made ELV think something was amiss with the ownership and/or the kitchen.

Any information from our intrepid readers would be appreciated, but for the time being, wethinks this place is missing something, and sadly, can no longer recommend it.


7365 West Sahara Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89117-2718



Back To The Future at the CIA

And God said: Behold I have given you every herb-bearing seed upon the earth, and all the trees that have in themselves seed of their own kind, to be your meat. – Genesis 1:29

Vegetarianism is harmless enough, though it is apt to fill a man with wind and self-righteousness. – Sir Robert Hutchinson

It was food nerd heaven…or at least as close to heaven on earth as a food nerd can get. A convocation of chefs, restaurateurs, teachers and journalists from around the world once a year the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in Napa Valley. This year’s theme was: A Mediterranean Flavor Odyssey, subtitled: Preserving And Reinventing Traditions For Modern Palates, and the CIA flew in the most famous chefs from Tunisia,Turkey, Morocco, Israel, Sicily, Greece and Spain to educate the movers and shakers in the American food industry on what they could learn from the way the rest of the world eats.

It wasn’t just snooty critics and Michelin-starred chefs in attendance (although there were plenty of those) – as the conference counted as its attendees the head corporate chefs from McDonalds, Frito-Lay, and…believe it or not: Pizza Hut. All of them came (and have been coming for eleven years) to discover “the next big thing” in how America eats.

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