Summer Dish Review – Carabinieros Shrimp at MILOS

ELV note: As promised, we are going to take the next few weeks highlighting our favorite dishes of the summer. These posts will be quick hits and tasty snaps gleaned from the scores of restaurants we’ve visited over the past three months. For a more detailed take on that restaurant, you can google the name in the google box on the right side of our main page to see and read everything we’ve ever written about the place.

Take a gander at these bad boys:

They are the size of langoustines with the taste of a meaty shrimp crossed with a rich lobster touched by a hint of gaminess.

The way you eat them is by (gently) decapitating the poor crustacean and then pouring a dollop of sherry into the empty head. Once you do this, your jigger of liquid magically transforms into the richest lobster/shrimp bisque you have ever tasted. It’s a shame you only get an ounce or so of it, but at these prices ($100/pound), you’ll want to savor ever sip.



A small price to pay for one of the great seafood taste sensations, anywhere.


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  1. Agreed…about Milos in any case. If there’s a better seafood house in these United States, and perhaps there is, I haven’t been to it.
    Consistently superb food and excellent people!

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