KHOURY’S Mezze Excellence

We at ELV have long had a great deal of admiration for Khoury’s — the Mediterranean/Lebanese restaurant formerly located in the far southwest reaches of the valley.

In fact, the only thing we didn’t like about it was how far it was from our house.

What they’ve always blown us away with is their incredible selection of mezze: the selection of small, usually vegetarian plates that precede the main course in Arabic, Persian, Greek and numerous other Mediterranean or middle-eastern meals. (FYI: the word mezze comes from the Turkish word meze which means “taste, flavor, snack or relish,” which, in turn, is borrowed from the Persian word mazze for a “snack, taste.” These facts (and this etymology) drive most Greeks crazy, especially when they see the word “mezze” pop up on a Greek menu…which means the place is most likely being run by Persians or Turks or someone even worse (see below).

What also drives most Greeks crazy, in Las Vegas at least, is the fact that Khoury’s does these mazze or mezze or meze or μεζές or whatever you want to call them better than any Greek restaurant in town. The fact that Khoury’s is owned by Lebanese (rather than the hated Turks) must give local Greeks (my tribe) some solace, but it is to local Greek restaurants’ everlasting shame that no local Greek joint (some of which are now run by Russians and Bulgarians) can top what Khoury’s does with fantastic falafel, heavenly hummus, smoky babaganoush, delightful dolmades, luscious loubieh (green beans with garlic and tomatoes), and all sorts of mashed and seasoned cheeses, yogurt and vegetables.

The only thing better than all of these wonderfully cooked and strongly seasoned veggies is the remarkable, fresh from the oven pita bread you will use to sop them up with:

…that is so light, nutty and addictive you will inhale two or three of the beautiful, slightly leavened, Mesopotamia marvels without even thinking about it. (Be forewarned however, they are meant to be eaten fresh from the oven and lose their elasticity quickly once they cool off.)

Best of all, all of this goodness is now miles closer to the ELV palatial manse — at Village Square on West Sahara rather than at the far reaches of civilization where any self-respecting gourmand would fear to tread.

But you aren’t interested in geography, only in great cuisine fit for a god. And Khoury’s delivers the goods…enough to make this Greek gastronome gape.


9340 West Sahara Ave. #106

Las Vegas, NV 89117