Gen Mizoguchi’s Yui Edomae (Tokyo-style) Sushi officially opens this weekend, and without taking a bite, we’re pretty much convinced it is going to take the Las Vegas sushi world by storm.

Of course, we’ll be taking those first bites the minute they’re open, and will give you, our loyal readers, a full report.

But in the meantime, we’ll do what we can to get you ready to go….which includes posting this helpful map:


…that you’re going to need to find the place…unless the directions “right behind American Shooters off Arville and Spring Mountain Road” mean anything to you.

And even with the map, and the address below, and Google Maps, you may wonder exactly where you’re supposed to enter once you park your car. Hint: It’s the door on the left on the backside of the building facing Spring Mountain Road.

Yui may be harder to find than intelligence at a NASCAR race, but we don’t think it’s obscure location is going to hinder it one bit.


3460 Arville St. Suite #HS

Las Vegas, NV 89102




3 thoughts on “Yuiz Gonna Love YUI EDOMAE SUSHI

  1. So is this the Eater Vegas blog now? You are hyping shit you haven’t dine at yet.

  2. ELV responds: If Talkingoutofyourass paid attention (and knew the difference between the past and present tense of verbs), he or she would know that we are well-acquainted with Gen-san’s metier — having enjoyed this sushi master’s cuisine many times at KABUTO. His attention to detail is profound and renowned…leaving us little doubt that YUI will continue to enhance his reputation.
    If Talkingoutofyourass knew anything about Japanese master sushi chefs, he or she also wouldn’t have said anything so stupid.
    He or she would also know that the only real concern mere mortals should have about YUI is whether they will be able to afford it.

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