Pulling My Noodle(s) on Wake Up With the CW

This morning’s lamian (Chinese hand-pulled noodle) demonstration on Wake Up With the CW was as good a time as any to demonstrate how much I love pulling my own noodle(s).

A very big xie xie to Chefs Michael Fairall and Bancha Moon for being such good guests and great instructors. And to Ku Noodle for being such a great restaurant.

And many thanks to hosts Krystal Allen and Jeff Maher for their facades of fabulousness furthering the fount of fortuitous and fatuous facets of our fantastic food fun and foolish features.

Or something like that.

P.S. One of our loyal viewers wrote in to say that I looked like a “goddamned Communist” (the hat), mixed with a “degenerate Ming Dynasty¬†capitalist” (the shirt) — a statement that is tough to argue with in that it pretty much sums up ELV’s politics.


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