Letter of the Week – ELV’s Brilliance Confirmed…Down Under?…or in The Great White North


G’Day ELV!

My bride and I were in your “humble burg” on Sept. 20 and left on Sept. 27 mainly to attend the Barrett-Jackson auction (as observers only) and as always to try out some of your culinary suggestions.

I thought you might be interested in my observations. We “did” three new-to-us locations; Chada Street on Spring Mountain Road, Glutton on East Carson & Tapas by Alex Stratta in Tivoli Village.

Chada Street

Gee whiz Mr. Curtas, you were bang on the money when you mentioned that if I liked Chada Thai & Wine I would love Chada Street. WOW! Absolutely gosh-darned incredible! What a delightful little restaurant with incredible flavours in the food. The service was top-notch and the little gal serving us was totally mystified that we had come to the restaurant from so far away. “How did you know about us as we have been open for only a month” she questioned. I informed her of your glowing recommendation in eatinglv.com. “Who” she replied? *grin* Honestly J.C.! Both Chada outlets rate very high on our Vegas list!


What an absolutely incredible food establishment! I just ate the very best hamburger I have ever eaten in my 63 years of existence on this little blue planet (3rd from the sun). We had the corn to start with and that too was a delectable surprise. We were served by Justin who claims to be a friend of yours and that you drop in to Glutton on a semi-regular basis. Now I didn’t know if I should believe him as I didn’t know that lawyers HAD friends. I’m feeling so confused here. At least they knew of you there and I complimented the chef on the way out. Goin’ back, for sure!

Tapas by Alex Strata

A bit disappointing, the food was OK but not outstanding, and I daresay I could have done similar. The service was excellent as was the weather as Carol & I sat out on the patio. Things all-in-all were generally good, right until a neophyte waiter came by and topped up my Martini from his water jug. Kinda funny and my Martini was replaced instantly. I know I have many other places to try and I don’t know if I’ll bother with Strata’s establishment again even though it’s fairly close to our house down there.

Just a general FYI for you J.C. and THANKS for the info through your website.

Al & Carol

ELV responds:

Dear A & C,

From your accent, we can only assume you and your lovely, thoughtful and intelligent wife (who, no doubt, shares your high opinion of us) come from the Land Down Under. Where rivers flow and men shunder.

Being a humble and self-effacing sort, ELV (aka The World’s Greatest Restaurant Critic) is verklempt over your words of thoughtful praise.

If you would be so kind (and to allow us the luxury of further basking in your culinary affirmation of our gastronomic brilliance), will you please dissect for us  the odd appeal of the Outback Steakhouse chain? We ask assuming that, as an Australian, you eat there all the time.

And while you’re at it, please explain what there is to enjoy about a vegemite sandwich?

Men At Working-ly Yours,



3 thoughts on “Letter of the Week – ELV’s Brilliance Confirmed…Down Under?…or in The Great White North

  1. Dear mis-guided Mr. Curtas

    As much as you are correct in culinary aspects of your “humble burg” you are absolutely lousy and ASSume FARRRR too much
    in regards to your loyal & sometime humble followers. Where in the name of “heck” did you figure out that we are from Australia? You were correct (surprisingly) in relating our home to the Commonwealth, however you were off by about 180 degrees and totally in the wrong hemisphere of our little blue planet. I’m from Alberta Canada in a town directly north of Montana. Now how many of your American readers even know WHERE Montana is? Typical, I’ve run into this before yet I still love my American brothers & sisters. Myself & my missus do our best to support all of you Americans and your sagging economy ‘specially through various spending outlets available in Vegas …… cough, cough, cough. Know what I mean? Although this time we finally came back with as much as we went down to Vegas with. Sorry ’bout that! The slots were finally slightly generous, on Fremont anyway. Keep up your always entertaining website J.C.

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